Be Like Lady Gaga with Your Free Tattoo

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At her Phoenix concert, Lady Gaga made a powerful statement against Arizona's new unjust law SB1070. With the words "Stop SB 1070" drawn on her arm by two young Arizona organizers, Gaga told her fans to stand up against intolerance and discrimination.

Now you can join Gaga with a temporary tattoo of your own. Order lots of them so you and your friends can spread the word.

Get one tattoo for FREE (and that includes shipping -- you pay nothing). For a $3+ donation, we'll send you 5 tattoos. For a $10+ donation, we'll send 20. And for a $20+ donation, we'll send 50 tattoos. The tattoos are 2x4 inches (perfect for your arm), and should take about 3-4 weeks to arrive.

Thank you to these two organizations for their work in getting Lady Gaga to speak out!