Tell AZ Governor to Veto Racial Profiling Bill

The Arizona State Legislature just passed a law that would authorize officers to pull over, question, and detain anyone they have a “reasonable suspicion” to believe is in this country without proper documentation. The law would essentially legalize racial profiling, creating a police state for immigrants. This bill will go to the Governor for her signature as soon as today. Please join us in telling Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to take a stand against discrimination and veto this bill.

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Dear Governor Brewer,

SB 1070 is a deeply misguided piece of legislation and I urge you to to take a stand for civil rights and public safety by vetoing the bill. If signed into law, SB 1070 would essentially make Arizona a police state for immigrants and non-immigrants alike. Anyone who forgets to carry identification or papers proving their immigration status could be picked up by police. People who appear Latino or speak English with an accent will be at constant risk of being stopped and interrogated by police.

The bill will also make it harder for Arizona’s law enforcement officers to do their jobs. They will spend less time chasing violent criminals, and new immigrants will be less likely to report crimes or serve as witnesses for fear of being targeted themselves.

As someone who lives outside of Arizona’s borders, but who cares deeply about how we as the United States handle issues of immigration, I urge you to do the right thing for your state and the rest of the U.S.: veto SB 1070.