exists to advance the interests and promote the political empowerment of Latino communities with the support of our allies. Latinos are an undeniable force in the economy and culture of the United States, and our growing numbers make us an increasingly powerful voting bloc. But despite our contributions and influence, our political voice remains marginalized. Politicians get away with neglecting our interests and exploiting the differences within our communities. Media personalities scapegoat us without consequences. And while the government raids the workplaces and even homes of recent immigrants, a blind-eye is turned to exploitative business practices that endanger the health and humanity of our people. The time for change has come.


Since 2006, millions of us have taken to the streets in over 100 U.S. cities to call for immigration reform. But while our numbers can’t be ignored, we have not sustained the energy of these marches. This year, together, we create to ensure that our momentum carries forward to clearly and effectively further our collective interests. We’ll combine the power of online organizing with grassroots networks to build a broad, empowered base that can be rapidly and consistently mobilized from this day forward.


We seek to bring together Latinos of all nationalities, generations, and regions, with our allies from other communities. We are from the East, the West, and everywhere in between; we are residents, recent immigrants, and U.S. citizens. While we are diverse and won’t always agree on every issue, we do have common goals: to build our communities, provide for our families, and enrich the country where we live—all without being denied the basic human rights afforded to others. Protecting and promoting those goals is the focus of


We also recognize that there are numerous organizations doing important work to strengthen Latino communities and advocate for our interests. Our aim is to magnify their efforts, not replace them. We’ll help build a sustained, national movement that changes the public conversation, holds leaders accountable, and impacts policy—with an aim towards making community and national organizations more effective in their efforts. is born in the midst of a national struggle over immigration policy, but our work will not stop there. Too few of our young people graduate from high school and college, and too many end up in prison. The economic crisis has hit us as hard as any community. Many of us don’t have access to quality health care. And hate crimes against Latinos are on the rise. It is for these reasons, among many others, that we have come together to launch


We know from history that lasting change only comes when ordinary people stand up and speak out. seeks to be a platform for the Latino community, and those who stand with us, to amplify our voices and fight for our collective concerns.


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